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About Deep Sea Reporter

We at Deep Sea Reporter believe in the transformative power of emotions and storytelling to spread knowledge and inspiration about the ocean.
Based in Sweden but with a global reach we create impactful documentaries, stories and articles.
Through journalistic research, interviews and filming globally both above and below the surface, we connect science, policymakers and the public with the ocean.

Deep Sea Reporters material may never be used to serve a commercial purpose, e.g. to sell a product or service.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have, such as ideas and suggestions.

Contact details for the editorial team

Editorial email
E-mail: info@deepseareporter.se

Lena Scherman, Editor in chief and Publisher
E-mail: lena@deepsea.se

Peter Löfgren, Chronicler
E-mail: peter.lofgren@deepseareporter.se

Lina Mattsson, Reporter
E-mail: lina.mattsson@deepseareporter.se

Daniel Hager, Producer
E-mail: daniel.hager@deepseareporter.se

Johan Candert, reporter and photographer
E-mail: johan.candert@deepseareporter.se

Simon Stanford, reporter and photographer
E-mail: simon.stanford@deepseareporter.se

Alexandre Gobatti, photographer and editor
E-mail: alexandre.gobatti@deepseareporter.se

Ville Engberg, Communications officer
E-mail: ville.engberg@deepseareporter.se

Leif Eiranson, photographer

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