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About Deep Sea Reporter

Deep Sea Reporter is a digital magazine focusing on the sea. Our goal is to reach out to the public and opinion leaders with free and independent journalism.

Interest in climate, history and environmental issues is growing; it is about our common future, our survival. Deep Sea Reporter will chronicle groundbreaking research, crucial decisions by governments and exciting ideas by entrepreneurs. We want to tell important and compelling stories about the people and animals who depend on a healthy and vibrant sea.

Our ambition is high journalistic and artistic quality in reports, books and documentaries. We work with text, images and sound.

We are forming a network of journalists around the country. In this way, we get local angles, while spreading facts and increasing interest in the sea.

We would like to see Deep Sea Reporters’ news republished in other media, with a reference to the source, so that more people can learn about the sea. If you are interested in our unique image material or want to take part in our documentary films, please feel free to contact one of Deep Sea Reporter’s employees to take the discussion further.

Deep Sea Reporters material may never be used to serve a commercial purpose, e.g. to sell a product or service.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have, such as ideas and suggestions.

Contact details for the editorial team

Editorial email

Peter Löfgren, Editorial Director and Publisher

Lena Scherman, reporter and editor

Johan Candert, reporter and photographer

Simon Stanford, reporter and photographer

Alexandre Gobatti, photographer and editor

Apollonia Meleouni, social media manager and editor

Leif Eiranson, photographer

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