C wants to reduce eutrophication of the Baltic Sea

27 July, 2022

The Center Party wants to invest SEK 725 million over the next three years to reduce eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.

– Saving the Baltic Sea is crucial. It is one of the most polluted oceans in the world,” says C’s climate and energy policy spokesperson Rickard Nordin to Swedish Radio Ekot.

The largest part, 500 million, will be spent on upgrading and modernising wastewater treatment plants in coastal cities with new and advanced environmental technologies.

algal bloom
The algal bloom is a consequence of eutrophication, another is dead seabeds. C now wants to invest SEK 725 million in various measures. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

Agriculture is the biggest source of eutrophication and the C wants to invest an additional SEK 225 million in the Leva project, where private landowners can apply for money to reduce their emissions, for example by building ponds and wetlands.

– We want to maintain the competitiveness of agriculture while reducing eutrophication. Then this programme money is a good proposal,” says Nordin.

Text: TT
Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

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