Since almost four years ago, we have license hunting on gray seals, since two years on harbor seals and protection hunts on ringed seals since...
Reportage: Lena Scherman
Foto: Hans Berggren, Johan Candert/DSR, Alexandre Gobatti/DSR, Kimmo Hagman/DSR,Göran Ehlmé/DSR, Simon Stanford/DSR, Tobias Dahlin/DSR, Ismaele Tortella
Redigering: Alexandre Gobatti
Meet Sylvia Earle, a pioneering oceanographer and unwavering advocate for marine conservation. Her lifelong commitment to exploring and protecting the wonders of the sea serves...
Reportage: Daniel Hager
Photo: Simon Stanford, Johan Candert
Mie's research focuses on the evolutionary and behavioral ecology of marine zooplankton. Despite their microscopic size and remote habitat, Mie aims to enhance our understanding...
Reportage: Simon Stanford
Photo: Simon Stanford, Göran Ehlmé
Editing: Alexandre Gobatti Ramos
Meet Dr. Tessa Hempson, a coral scientist dedicated to exploring and preserving the coral reefs. Tessa strives to raise awareness about marine conservation, emphasizing collective...
reportage/foto: Simon Stanford
Photo: Simon Stanford, Göran Ehlmé, Lars-Öivind Knutsen
Editing: Alexandre Gobatti Ramos
Many of us love the sea, the beach, the water, and swimming in the waves, but there are those who care a little more than...
Reportage: Alexandre Ramos Gobatti
Photo: Simon Stanford
Graphics: Daniel Hager
We accompanied seal researchers from the University of Gothenburg, to Koster. In the archipelago on the Swedish west coast. Koster is one of the places...
Reportage: Lena Scherman
Photo/Editing: Alexandre Ramos Gobatti
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency decided this year that we should shoot 630 harbor seals, 1500 gray seals and 350 ringed seals. Some think that...
Reportage: Lena Scherman/Alexandre Gobatti
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