Marine optimism - healthy seas possible in 30 years

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Human progress has taken its toll on the world’s oceans over the last century. Ecosystems are severely stressed, habitats have been lost, species have become extinct or have been pushed to the limit of continued survival. But a new study shows that the oceans have an unexpectedly good capacity to recover and many major problems can be overcome. And it can be relatively quick to get healthy seas. Marine life in the world’s oceans can reach healthy levels in just 30 years. So write researchers in the journal Nature. But strong decisions and urgent action must be taken now.
Interview with world-renowned oceanographer and author Callum Roberts, University of York.

Link to article in Nature:

Reporter: Martin Widman
Photo: Leif Eiranson
Header image: Alex Mustard/Nature Picture Library/TT Nyhetsbyrån

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