No Prosecution Against Those Who Dumped Spiny Dogfish and Rays in Lysekil Last Year

08 June, 2023

Prosecutor James von Reis writes that “it is not possible to prove who committed the deed”.

There was a suspected fishing crime. At the end of March last year, one of the trawlers in Lysekil got about a hundred spiny sharks and stingrays as a by-catch, and instead of immediately putting them back into the sea, they dumped the fish in the harbor of Lysekil.

Since then, prosecutor James von Reis has pursued a preliminary investigation, which he is now closing.

In the decision is stated: “All in all, it cannot be proven that the dumping took place from the fishing boat that had its normal home port where the dumped fish was found. There is some room for it to have happened from one or a few other fishing boats, which fishing boat cannot be clarified either.”

Text: Lena Scherman
Photo: Tobias Dahlin
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