Swedish coral reefs to be saved

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At Kosterhavet National Park, research work is underway to preserve and renew the stocks of Lophelia pertusa. The eye coral, as we call it, is our only reef-forming coral species, and as far as we know it is now only found in two places in Sweden. Can artificial reef structures be the solution?

The Life Lophelia project is a collaboration between the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland and the University of Gothenburg, and it is co-financed by the EU’s LIFE Fund and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Report: Daniel Hedström
Photo: Leif Eiranson, Susanna Strömberg (University of Gothenburg)
UV Photo: Tobias Dahlin, Kimmo Hagman
Drone photo: Tobias Dahlin

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