Small-scale coastal fishermen in the Baltic Sea have been warning for many years that the availability of herring and herring is declining. The Swedish Agency...
Text: TT
Photo: Jurek Holzer/TT
One third of all fish caught is thrown overboard or rots before it reaches the consumer - one in three fish is killed unnecessarily...
Text: Peter Löfgren
Photo: Adam Nilsson
Title image: Hanna Teleman/Scanpix/TT
Source: http://www.fao.org/state-of-fisheries-aquaculture/en/
Source: https://www.havochvatten.se/download/18.488610871726fc3fe485a06e/1591606320890/officiellstatistik-JO55SM2001.pdf
Source: https://www.forskning.se/2019/04/25/en-av-tre-ater-aldrig-fisk-och-skaldjur/
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