The EU's and Sweden's marine policy has for several decades led to overfished seas. Several ocean areas are on the brink of an ecological disaster....
Text: Peter Löfgren
Across the world scientists and biologists are studying a huge variety of dedicated and intricate subjects: jellyfish proteins; fish intelligence and whether octopus dream. On...
Reportage: Jason Boswell
Photography: Jason Boswell
UW-Photography: Jason Boswell, Grant Brokensha
The population of seahorses in Ria Formosa in southern Portugal was probably the largest in the world. But in the mid-2010s, it collapsed, and 95%...
Reportage: Daniel Hager
South Africa has an incredibly rich diversity of sharks, representing nearly a quarter of all known species, some found nowhere else on the planet....
Reportage: Jason Boswell
BRUV-Footage: Cape RADD
Ida Beitnes is a Associate Professor at the NMBU. Ida has earlier studied stress as an important contributor to the development of cardiac disease in...
Reportage: Johan Candert
Photo: Simon Stanford
Edit by: Daniel Hager
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