West coast

"I saw my first ray in Sweden six months ago, but then I unfortunately didn't have a camera with me. But now I really got...
UV Photo: Göran Ehlmé
Algae can eventually replace soybeans as a more environmentally friendly protein crop. In Bohuslän, green algae are grown for research purposes – and fertilized with...
Text: TT
Photo: Jonas Lindstedt/TT, Kimmo Hagman
In a fishing village in Halland, we follow a family whose life is built around coastal fishing. We get to take part in their everyday...
Report: Alice Asplund, Gina Bäck, Sanna Kalla
Music: Thomas Bäcklund Tuneström, The Chickpeas Band, McKennard
Participants: Lovisa Bengtsdotter, Joakim Ingemarsson, Patrik Ingemarsson, Rosanna Ingemarsson, Frans Ingemar Karlsson
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