The Baltic Sea – a deadly soup

15 April, 2020

We are exposed daily to thousands of different chemical mixtures that we don’t think about. They’re in the pizza box, on the table surface, in our clothes, everywhere we go. Some of them we know are dangerous to humans and the environment, many of them we know nothing about. Some of them have harmful effects that the chemical industry has known about since the 1970s but deliberately avoided telling us about. These toxic chemical mixtures cannot be dealt with by our sewage treatment plants but are flushed straight into the Baltic Sea in an ongoing giant toxicological experiment whose consequences we can only imagine.
Whose responsibility is it? What can we do? Listen to a conversation with Christina Rudén, Professor of Regulatory Toxicology at Stockholm University.

Reportage: Lars In De Betou
Photo: Ulf Palm Scanpix/TT

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