The Bride of the Sea

21 September, 2023

How profound can one’s connection with the sea truly be? At 87 years old, Anna Maria Verzino has dedicated her entire life to the relentless embrace of the ocean. From a tender age, she made a resolute decision that the sea would reign supreme in her existence.

In a relentless battle for her place within a predominantly male-dominated sphere, she achieved a historic milestone as the first woman to be officially registered as a “fisherman.” Today, she continues to cast her nets along the picturesque Adriatic coast of Abruzzo.

Yet, there exists a solitary fear in her heart – the inevitable day when she can no longer venture out to sea. Anna Maria Verzino is the embodiment of unwavering dedication, an exemplar of pure, unadulterated love for the sea, and a stalwart champion of equal rights.

Reportage: Ismaele Tortella, Fabio Moretta
Editing: Ganna Iaroshevych

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