The role of agriculture in eutrophication of the Baltic Sea

25 August, 2021

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During the past year, Deep Sea Reporter has initiated a collaboration with the documentary film line at the Red Cross Folk High School, where course participants have made reports and films on topics that we want to highlight.

Here is the first report from the school, which is about how agriculture can result in oxygen deficiency and bottom death in the Baltic Sea.

The four creators have been responsible for the reportage’s research, interview and editing, as well as the majority of the photo. They would like to thank Birger Nilsson and Lollo Jarnebrink at the folk high school for their help.

Features: Johan Ahlberg, Linn Bassman, Adrian Flensburg, Mathilda Lindgren
Photo: Johan Candert, Michael Palmgren, Robert Westerberg
Archive material: Alan Toth, SVT Uppland
Graphic: Baltic Sea Centre (Stockholm University)

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